Meet with me online! I help people with CKD get back energy, gain food clarity, and leave diet frustration behind so they can slow CKD progression.

Are you…

Just learning you have kidney disease and don’t know what to eat?

Suffering with constant, painful kidney stones?

Tired of spending hours and hours wading through endless websites, trying to figure out your best kidney-friendly diet?

Looking to make changes now to give you years of more time from dialysis?

Work with Me


Kidney Disease

Stop kidney disease progression in its tracks. We will work together to address the biggest impacts of your diet and lifestyle to keep your kidneys healthy and working.


High Blood Pressure and Heart Health

Keeping blood pressure controlled is one of the best ways to prevent health complications, including kidney disease. We will work together to get your blood pressure safe and controlled.



Whether you need to focus a little more on better nutrition habits or lifestyle changes, I’ll be there to provide you with support and accountability until your new habits are set for life.


How it Works

Take the steps towards working together to gain control over your health concerns.


Let’s Chat

First, let’s get to know each other. Schedule a free discovery session so we can talk about your concerns and goals.


Virtual Sessions

Private nutrition sessions are held virtually, making it simple for you to squeeze into your schedule.


Ongoing Support

Keep in touch with private chat, made-for-you meal plans, and more. Maintenance sessions are offered to support you in your future.

Ready to start?

“I was feeling tired and very unhealthy. I needed to get my blood pressure and weight under control.

Your diet is very important and in the long run what you eat today can drastically affect your health tomorrow. Do not do it on your own. You need someone with the knowledge and passion to help you through it because it can get frustrating.

Jen’s passion for my health meant a lot. She went above and beyond. You will learn about your diet and kidney disease, have support and gain better health.”

-Mary, Arizona / Read Full Testimonial



My Mission

To simplify the nutritional needs for individuals with chronic kidney disease, and to decrease the prevalence of kidney disease by providing nutrition education including realistic and wholesome lifestyle changes.

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