Top 10 Gifts for Dialysis Patients (2019)

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So maybe you saw my blog post from last year about the top 10 gifts for dialysis patients.

Well, this year, we’re turning it up.

When I think of gift-giving, I really like to get my loved ones something special. Something they wouldn’t buy for themselves because they would never use their money on something so indulgent.

But you know what? That makes for a wonderful gift because you know they deserve it. So I’m including a few extra-special items for that extra-special someone (even if it’s you)!

I’m still keeping the big factor of kidney disease and dialysis struggles in the forefront of my mind as I make this list. Anything that can make their lives a little more enjoyable or comfortable can go a long way!

Remember: saving the tech buys for Cyber Monday can give you the best deals!

  1. Air Fryer

I talked quite a bit in my last post about the challenges that can come up with the hectic schedule of dialysis. So anything that helps with getting a hot meal on the table faster gets my seal of approval.

What’s even better with an air fryer is that it keeps the fat content down compared to traditional deep frying, making it heart-healthier. (Those with kidney disease are at high risk for cardiovascular issues.)

I’m a big fan of the Ninja small appliance products. With this model, pre-heating time is only 3 minutes!! And when it takes something 15-20 minutes to cook up, a delicious hot dinner can be ready is no time! #winwin

2. Dialysis-Friendly Jacket

Clinics are cold. There’s no getting around it! But it is also required that the access site, usually on the bicep or forearm, must remain visible for safety concerns.

This jacket allows for the access to remain visible while staying warm and toasty!

Bonus points to you, Santa, if you throw in some nice gloves or hand-warmers!

3. Entertainment Subscription

Dialysis treatments are long. So some entertainment is essential during that time. Yes, most clinics will have a TV for each chair/station. But what if there’s nothing interesting to watch? There are a lot of subscription services you could look into, but I highly recommend something that provides more than just some movies or TV shows.

With Amazon Prime, they’ll get access to a ton of movies, TV shows, books, and music to keep them busy for their treatment time. Clinics will usually have WiFi for patient access so no need to worry about connectivity either!

4. Tablet

If they’re looking for a new tablet or way to enjoy that subscription, Amazon has great deals on their tablets (especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday)!

Bonus tip: Customize it for them ahead of time by downloading their favorite apps and games onto the tablet, and add some pictures of friends and family to make it even more special.

5. Hidrate Spark 3

I recommend this water bottle to a lot of my clients in all stages of kidney disease. Where some need to drink more water to keep their kidneys chugging along (get it?), those on dialysis will need to be careful.

This high-tech water bottle features a tracking system that can be synced with an app. Their dietitian will discuss their fluid goal for the day, which they can add to the settings. The water bottle will light up periodically through to the day to remind them to have a few sips, but also tell them when they’re getting close to their goal!

6. Sunrise Alarm Clock

Could you imagine the struggle of waking up at 3am three times a week? Now, even I’m an early bird, but that’s a bit early for me.

Say hello to the most enjoyable and healthy way to wake up! This alarm clock helps gently wake you up by moving you out of your deepest sleep cycle until you’re able to comfortably wake up on time. Plus the light therapy helps with mood imbalances!

7. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Dialysis clinics can get noisy. Beeping machines, neighbors loudly chatting to each other or on their phones, snoring, and staff moving patient-to-patient.

Ear buds won’t make the cut to tune out the noise, which means turning up the volume to uncomfortable levels. And they can feel a little uncomfortable after a while, can’t they?

Treat them to some luxurious headphones that will allow them to drown out the noise and let them enjoy their entertainment or maybe sneak in a much-needed nap!

8. Overnight Roller Bag

When we talk about all these things, what are they carrying it in?? Their dialysis clinic may provide them with a nice tote bag, but that will easily be filled. And then they need to lug in on their shoulders to- and from dialysis. May not sound bad, but imagine the hassle while juggling everything else!

By having a nice roller bag, they’ll easily be able to pack everything away and pull this alongside them. And they’ll still be able to use it for their travelling as well!

9. Portable Device Charger

When using their phone, tablet, or other electronic device for 12+ hours a week just on dialysis, they’re bound to get a low battery.

Not all clinics will have an outlet available at the chair, so don’t let them be dependent on that chance! I like the flat charger (instead of the round ones) so it won’t roll away when you pull it out. This one has quite a bit of reviews related to fast-charging and convenience for a variety of devices!

10. Activity Tracker

Similar to the blood pressure monitor, this kind of tech toy can have some serious health benefits. As their dietitian, I generally talk about incorporating some healthy exercise into their life. Using the steps is a great way to track light activity and set goals. Plus you can connect with them if you use FitBit too and set challenges for one other!

Sleep can be a common issue with those on dialysis (different schedules, restless legs, and other problems). By using the sleep monitor on the FitBit, it will provide good feedback on the quality of sleep they’re getting, which they can share with their doctor and team!

I hope you find some inspiration from this list. Be sure to let me know if you find it helpful! Have a wonderful holiday and shopping season!!