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Thanks so much for stopping by my site! I just want to provide you a little story and why I’ve been interested in helping those with kidney disease.

In working for several years in dialysis clinics, I have heard time and time again about the frustrations of my patients.

No one told me until it was too late.

All I know is what not to eat. No one can tell me what I’m supposed to eat.

If only I made the changes I was supposed to before, I could have stayed away from dialysis for years.

I love that I am able to still help these patients navigate their new dialysis diet, but they also continue to motivate me to help those that are out there who want to make changes to delay their start of dialysis.

I fell in love with everything about helping people with kidney disease.

Years before, I accepted a position as a renal dietitian because I wanted the challenge of learning and mastering the renal diet. There is so much to the renal diet that requires an individual approach.

Now, I welcome the flexibility of the renal diet in that I can apply it to each client I work with.

I created my private practice to help those at-risk and with early stages of kidney disease.

If you are just learning about your own kidney disease journey and are ready to make changes to your diet, we should talk.

With both of us coming to the table, we can get you on the best nutrition plan and prescription that is for your health.

You will truly be amazed at what we can accomplish together.