Thanks so much for stopping by my site! I just want to provide you a little story and why I’ve been interested in helping those with kidney disease.

Several years ago, a good friend told me about an open position at a dialysis clinic close to my house. My first thought was YAY- less commuting! :) But once I interviewed, met the team, and learned more about how closely I could work with patients, I forgot all about the commuting bonus.

I fell in love with everything about helping people with kidney disease.

I’ve been working in dialysis for over three years now, where I review monthly labs, discuss healthy eating habits and food choices, and just get to sit and talk with amazing, wonderful people who are working hard to help their kidneys.

My husband and I moved to Hawaii over a year ago, where I took up a chance to work with the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to blend my passions- kidney disease prevention with nutrition counseling, creating health programs AND work with those who have earlier stages of chronic kidney disease.

But the call of dialysis was strong and I couldn’t pass up a great opportunity to jump back in, which I continue to this day.

I created my private practice to help those at-risk and with early stages of kidney disease.

Just because you may have kidney disease does not mean you will start dialysis the next day. With nutrition and lifestyle changes, you can keep the remaining kidney function you have for years.

If you want to get to know me a little more (although I’m really going to want to spend time getting to know YOU), book a free consultation call. I’d love to help you manage your kidney disease or guide you in hopes you don’t get it at all! :)