Happy Anniversary, MyPlate!

My Plate was introduced on June 2, 2011 by the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture).

The intention was to provide the public with an easy-to-digest (haha, get it?) method to understand the basics of healthy eating.

The plate image here has become well-known by children as the image is posted in school cafeterias.

Ask your kiddos if it looks familiar. For even more conversation, ask them what they know about the plate!  You may be surprised about what they know.

Notice fruits and vegetables take up half of the plate. (A little more vegetables than fruits!)

The other side has the grains and protein. A little more grains than protein!

Shocked by that? Many people are. Grains aren't the enemy. Grains will not make you fat.

The last food group included is dairy. While not required, it is included in the visual as it can be a good low-sugar beverage choice, especially for children (remember, this poster is what your kids see!)

This visual is still used in my practice as it is a great way for people to visualize the balance of a healthy plate.

If you want to get more information about MyPlate, I encourage you to check out the website: www.choosemyplate.gov. There are so many FREE resources on their site! Note the information provided is for the general public and may not take certain health conditions into consideration.

Here are some tip sheets I downloaded from the site for you as well!

Make Your Takeout Healthier

Redo Your Coffee Shop Stop

Navigate the Buffet

You can find more at their website!

Are you and your family familiar with MyPlate? Do you practice in balancing your meals this way? Or maybe this is brand new information for you! I'd love to hear your thoughts, comment below!