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Prevent kidney disease!

Join my 6-week program to learn all the nutrition tricks and habits to prevent your kidneys from failing. Use code KIDNEYHEALTH19 at checkout for 37% off!


Lifestyle Renovation Program

A monthly program where you can track your meals and drinks however you like, plus get direct feedback from me! Get the accountability and have someone there to actually review your progress and help you set goals!

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New Blog!

Why do I care so dang much about your kidneys?


My favorite tools

For cooking, fitness. I even have some protein supplement ideas (for those who need the extra protein!)


Nutrition Coaching

Do you need some accountability and nutrition education along the way to reaching your goals?

Hey there! I'm Jen, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist providing remote nutrition counseling. I've worked with thousands of clients in a variety of settings (hospitals, rehab facilities, outpatient clinics, community, the list goes on and on..), but what I've always taken away from each setting is people need more education and less "this-is-what-you're-gonna-do" commands. The clients that have made the most changes have been taught about why they should make certain changes. After understanding the nutritional aspects, my clients are able to work with me in setting goals that they reach month after month. The best part? You won't need me forever! When we work together, you'll learn and make healthy changes that you can take with you forever. Check out my nutrition services or book a package today!