National Diabetes Prevention Program

Has your doctor warned you about high blood sugars?

Told you your A1c is now above normal and borderline diabetic?

You have the opportunity to make changes now! Join one of my virtual groups in this nationally recognized program. Talk with me and like-minded individuals with the focus on reversing prediabetes. Find out if you qualify to join!


Meet people across the country with the same common goal

You’ll be part of group conversations all about making healthy, realistic lifestyle changes. Learn more about nutrition, physical activity, and balancing it all to prevent diabetes.

Log in from home, the office, of wherever you feel comfortable. Participate in group video chat to learn about healthy topics, discuss progress, brainstorm ideas, and celebrate victories throughout the program.


Corinne describes why she prevents type 2 diabetes and how the national diabetes prevention program worked for her.

Weekly Sessions

Get consistent support from peers and myself as we work together over the course of the year. Sessions start off weekly and taper down to every other week and finally monthly for maintenance. This program is for those that are truly dedicated to reversing their risk of diabetes. (Yes - you can reverse it!)

Suzi is at risk for type 2 diabetes and describes how the National Diabetes Prevention Program has helped her stay healthy.

Private Facebook Group

Learn about new, healthy recipes, check in with new friends, and post that sweaty post-workout selfie in this private group. Access to 24/7 accountability and support!


Are you ready to make the commitment and stop diabetes in its tracks?