What is a Registered Dietitian?

A Registered Dietitian is a trained nutrition professional. Specifically, a dietitian (or "RD") is a person who has completed at least a Bachelors Degree from an accredited school, gone through an internship with at least 1200 hours of dietetic practice in settings of clinical, food service, and community nutrition, and passed a national exam. New rules now require incoming dietitians to have a Masters Degree! For more information on how to become a Registered Dietitian, click here. To learn more about my path to become a Dietitian, check out my blog post.

Okay, but how is that different from a nutritionist?

Those with the sole title of Nutritionist are not regulated by any professional entity. (However, some dietitians choose to use the title RDN - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.) There is no requirement in training on appropriate nutrition guidelines, no code of ethics, no regulation on practice. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, but only those who have gone through the classes, internship, and exam can call themselves a dietitian. Your massage therapist, your kid’s teacher, your dog walker can all call themselves nutritionists if they like. While there are many trained and knowledgeable nutrition professionals out there, there will be limitations as to what they are legally allowed to provide in regards to medical nutrition therapy. When in doubt, RESEARCH!

What should I expect from working with you?

I will teach you about the best foods for your body, your health, your illnesses. I will not leave you clueless, wondering how or why these foods can do you harm or help you.

I will learn your food habits to help you start tweaking in effort to feel better and prevent health complications. I will not give you a pre-made meal plan and just tell you to “go with it.”

You will need to come prepared to each session. That means completing the forms before our appointment, downloading the Better by Practice Better app so we can communicate safely via chat messaging, food logs (which you will also need to do), and setting/confirming appointments.

If you’re interested in working together, I offer a free discovery call to discuss your goals and how we may be able to work together.

For my notice of privacy policy, click here.

Do you make meal plans?


While I do provide meal plans for my clients with, or without, one-on-one coaching, I recommend we chat first so I can better understand what you want from your meal plan. Book a free consultation so we can get started. Your meal plans may be covered by your health insurance!

If you are confident in what you need and want to get started now, check out my meal plan page.

What types of payment do you take?

I accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as HSA/FSA (health savings account) cards. You will be asked to provide a card to hold your appointments, but it will not be charged until we have determined your insurance coverage and best package or plan.

A superbill, otherwise known as a medical receipt, can be provided upon request.

Why don’t you list your prices?

As I accept some insurances, and other plans also offer out-of-network benefits, each client can have a different investment. Listing just one investment would not accurately reflect what it would be for you. This is why I encourage us to start with a discovery session to determine what would work best for you.

Do you take insurance?

At this time, I accept;

  • Medicare

  • Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA)

  • AlohaCare

If you have other health insurance, it is possible your insurance will still cover our sessions together. Check out this handy tool on how to check your benefits.

I can also provide you with a superbill (insurance slang for receipt) that you can submit to your health insurance provider for reimbursement. Note reimbursement is not guaranteed and benefits should be verified before working together.

Where are you located?

I am currently living in Oahu. However, I am taking all appointments virtually. I work with clients through secure video chat, messaging, and emailing.

You get to decide where you want to be when we chat. Some prefer using their lunch break, taking the time while their child is at an after-school program or daycare, in the morning before work,... it's around YOUR schedule!

Ready to work together?

Or maybe you have more questions you’d like answered before we start. Schedule a free consultation to get answers and decide if we should work together.