Thank you for trusting me in working with your clients to provide nutritional care.

My true passion is educating individuals about healthy eating habits to care for themselves, whether they have kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, or would benefit in preventive nutrition education.

I strive to ensure that I meet expectations of not only my clients, but the health care providers with which my clients work. It is important we work together as an interdisciplinary team to provide the best care and achieve the greatest results. If you would like to learn a little more about my professional background, here is my LinkedIn Profile.

Patient Referral Options

I now offer electronic patient referrals. The information provided in the referral form is automatically uploaded into my HIPAA-secure EHR, Practice Better. I will receive notification of your referral and will reach out to your patient within 2 business days.

If you prefer paper documentation, please fax to (575)404-7707 with medical diagnosis and physician signature.

Along with the completed referral, please include;

  1. Most recent physician note with diagnoses.

  2. Most recent lab results.

  3. Copy of insurance card(s), front and back

Thank you for your referrals!

Your patients likely have a ton of nutrition and diet questions and are looking for support. If a referral is not provided by a trusted medical professional such as yourself, they will likely reach out to online searches. This can lead to potential disaster of your patient obtains nutrition recommendations from unqualified people looking to profit from your patient’s insecurities of their diet.

Take initiative to provide your patients with a trusted source that they can reach out to for science-backed, evidence-based nutrition guidelines from a true nutrition professional. Your patients will be forever grateful that you were able to meet their needs in expanding their healthcare to encompass a huge part of their life - their food!

Why Include a Registered Dietitian in Your IDT?