Looking to start your own private practice?

For my first year in practice, I spent way too much time trying to figure out all the best practices for my business. The challenge us RDs have is that the majority of us are Type A’s in which everything needs to be lined up perfectly before we can move on. So instead of fighting that, I’m hoping I can just save you some time in recommending the top platforms and systems (in my opinion) to help start a private practice.

This all is very helpful especially to those of you that are still working a full-time or part-time job, like I did for the first 1.5 years in my practice. But I’m happy to announce that I have moved into my practice full time!! I hope you are able to do the same, but at a faster pace than I did. 🙂

This page includes affiliate links in which I earn a percentage of a purchase. It in no way effects the cost to you nor your shopping/purchasing experience. Thank you so much for supporting my business!

Electronic Health Record: Practice Better​

I tried Healthie, Simple Practice, Kalix, and others before finally (finally!) landing on the best platform out there.. Practice Better.

This platform is truly the best EHR out there, with so many helpful features that clients are able to easily access from their computer, tablet or phone.

The best part? I started for free before my practice grew to where I could use the paid plan.

Even better? There’s no time limit on the free plan. So use it until you outgrow it!

Jump-Start Practice Better: Client Forms

After trying to use the starter template forms from Practice Better, I decided to create my own more comprehensive forms from onboarding to the exit process with clients.

Forms are sold individually or packaged for a discount. I created these resources with the links to share forms between colleagues within Practice Better portal (they are not PDF handouts).

Start with the free Discovery Call Inquiry to get a feel for how the form links integrate into your PB account in seconds.

Meal Planning Platform: EatLove

Yes, there are several out there that you can find to give you a way to provide your clients with a structured meal plan.

But this one… this one is a step above.

I describe it to my clients as “Pinterest, but everything is automatically filtered to be good for you.”

If you want to know more about my stance, check out my blog post about how EatLove made me change my mind on meal plans.

This service makes for a great freebie for your email list, bonus upgrade for group programs, and more!

Email Marketing: ConvertKit

While not my favorite marketing method, there is definitely proof in that it works. (I’ve converted clients straight from emails!) And this is another option that can start free while you grow, then move up into a paid plan.

Bonus tip: Save yourself $ by not building a complete website just yet. Start with a free landing page to build and grow your email list, then work on your website once you get a solid feel for your niche, market, and message.

Content Creation: Canva

This one is a necessity! I create my social media images, logo, handouts, and more on this simple-to-use website. While the paid version is not required, it can save a lot of time in resizing posts (from IG to IG stories to FB) and gives you more pictures and templates to use!

You can always pay for the upgrade for a month or two, use the heck out of it and download everything, then downgrade to the free version.

If meal plan freebies don’t make sense for your market, use Canva to create a well-planned tip sheet, guide, or eBook!

Social Media Marketing: Instagram

instagram, mobile phone, smartphone

 A big part of my practice focuses on reaching potential clients directly through social media.

While some may prefer the traditional MD and insurance path, I really enjoy this way more in connecting directly with people that are struggling with kidney disease.

I took the course, Beat the Algorithm, to learn a lot of the basics of Instagram marketing because I had started to gain traction with IG leads.

This program can be done through several weeks or you can do it like me and crush the whole course in a weekend! 🙂

Books to motivate You


Renal-Specific Resources

Additional Free Resources

Fair warning: Don’t go down the rabbit hole of being the “forever student” in which you always continue to try to learn and don’t apply. I found by pairing these additional sources to troubleshoot my problems, and help brainstorm with podcasts allowed my business to grow in an organic way.

Facebook Groups

Dietitians in Private Practice

Insurance and Billing for Dietitians

The Unconventional RD

Mindset and Marketing Mastery for Dietitians in Virtual Practice

EatLove Insiders (for those with EatLove practitioner membership)

Practice Better Inner Circle (for those with Practice Better practitioner plan)