Thanks so much for stopping by! I just want to share a little about why I’ve been interested in helping those with kidney disease.

Does this sound familiar?

All I know is what not to eat. No one can tell me what I’m supposed to eat.

Balancing diabetes and kidney disease? It was frustrating before, now it feels impossible.

If only I made the changes I was supposed to before, I could have stayed away from dialysis for years.

These are all things I’ve heard from clients before. The frustration and confusion when it comes to finding the right balanced diet for kidney disease is not uncommon.

This is why I fell in love with everything about helping people with kidney disease and their own kidney-friendly diet.

My private practice was created to help those with kidney disease slow the disease progress with nutrition changes.

I became a renal dietitian because I wanted to master the renal diet and help teach those with kidney disease how to find their own best, healthiest diet. What I learned was that the renal diet truly requires an individual approach.

Now I welcome the flexibility of the renal diet in that I can apply it to each client I work with.

There are so many ways to make changes to foods, flavors, and even cooking methods to give you more energy, less toxin build-up, and less stress on your kidneys.

Get professional guidance now so you can enjoy the years ahead without starting dialysis.

If you are just learning about your own kidney disease journey and are ready to make changes to your diet, we should talk.

We will work together to get you on the best nutrition plan and prescription for your health.

You will truly be amazed at what we can accomplish together.

I was getting frustrated with trying to find snacks and meals that would fit in to both a diabetic and kidney disease plan. The nice thing is you go from thinking there is nothing you can eat to realizing you can eat and all kinds of foods.
— Mary, Arizona