Has your nephrologist told you that you need to start dialysis soon?

This time can be very scary, confusing, and overwhelming.

“When you start with dialysis, you’re meeting with so many people and getting so much information thrown at you and then BAM! You’re starting dialysis on Monday.”

Here’s the good news

In the United States, you will have a renal dietitian assigned to you while you are in dialysis.

They will have immediate access to your medical history, your health issues and concerns, your lab test results, and so much more.

Your dialysis dietitian will be there to provide you with one-on-one education and support. To give you recommendations of what you can eat, what and how much you can drink, and guidance on how certain medications can support your nutritional health and dialysis treatments.

Here’s the not-so good news

Renal dietitians are busy. And that’s an understatement. (Believe me – I’ve been there.)

Generally, dietitians in dialysis need to see approximately 125 patients each month. This can make time with them short.

It also means they may not be available for the deep-dive discussion with you on day one.

But to be honest, you’ll probably be feeling so overwhelmed that you may not even be interested in seeing the dietitian on day one.

Here’s how I can help you right now

During this critical time of preparing for dialysis, you can take advantage of learning more about what to expect heading into dialysis.

I’m in the midst of creating a special on-demand program that you can dive into to get a head-start on what to expect going into dialysis.

  • Learn about who your IDT (interdisciplinary team) will include and how they will help
  • Get started with basics on renal nutrition guidelines for dialysis
  • Know exactly what questions to ask your dietitian when you meet for your first session
  • Learn what your monthly lab report will include and how to interpret the values so you know what to focus on for the next set of results

Does this sound like a sigh of relief to you?

If you’re interested in learning more, jump onto my email list so you can get details about the program and sign up when I open the pre-enrollment.