Success Stories

“I have an antibody in my blood called PLA2R+ which is attacking the outside of my kidney, making “holes” form which protein leaks to my urine. As a result, my kidney doctor, Dr. Moore, ordered an rituximab infusion (two l) in Dec/Jan, which I did. My antibody is measured in titles, and having ate a clean diet under Jen’s care, and taking this rituximab drug… my a top body titer is down significantly.

“Jen can give me really good questions to review with my Doctors! It is easy to get her opinion! I also love following her on Social Media and have learned so much about cooking! Her YouTube videos with DadviceTV are amazing!

“My PLA2R+is now 1:80, improved from 1:640! While on statin and healthy eating since March. My GFR increased from 29 in Dec 2019 to now 42 as of June 25th! My cholesterol decreased from over 300 to now 139. My blood pressure is mostly in the normal range at 115/80. Luckily my glucose levels have always remained in the normal levels.

“Jen is so awesome to work with, always professional and caring! She reached out to my Dr directly to help clear the supplements (including Renadyl) I take daily!

“If you’re on the fence about working with Jen, do it! Make no hesitation, even if insurance does not cover the cost. Do it; invest in your health!”

-Beth Galusha, New York

“I found out while I was in the hospital that my kidney function was damaged due to uncontrolled high blood pressure that I was not aware of at the time. My doctors didn’t give much nutritional info. All I knew was that my function was down to 10%. I felt helpless, confused, and scared.

“By the grace of God I found Jen. She taught me so much about food and made being vegan taste good. Trust me, that’s amazing coming from a former chick-fil-A eating carnivore!

My kidney function has doubled under her care to 18% and climbing in 3 months! I didn’t know how much a dietitian could do but I’m glad I made the choice to get one and that I hired the right one, Jen Hernandez. After working with her I felt hopeful, empowered, and optimistic!

I’d overwhelming recommend Jen to anyone needing to restore their health. She’s very knowledgeable and so easy to work with. Best of all I lost almost 30 Lbs!

-Sandra E., Florida

“I found out about my stage 4 CKD and searched for help. I was following the Natural Kidney Journey Diet, but the diet made me exhausted all the time and I was losing too much weight. My husband was so worried so he searched online and found Jen.

“Jen helped me to realize that I did not need such a restrictive diet. She gave lots of great information. The EatLove menus were helpful and most recipes delicious. She tailored the menu to meet my lab needs. Jen provided encouragement to my husband and I along the way.

“I was able to maintain my weight following the menu plan. My labs have improved and now appear to be steady at stage 3b.

“We didn’t know what to do, and now we do. Working with Jen has been a pleasure and we are most appreciative.

“If you have CKD find a renal dietitian. I recommend Jen whole-heartedly.”

-Barb R., Hawaii

“When I came to Jen, I was at a loss for what to eat. I consistently had intense stomach pain.

“What I found helpful while working with Jen was our video chats, discussions around misconceptions, and the amount of nutrients I needed for my level of kidney function.

“Before working with Jen, I had fear and anxiety about eating. But after we worked together, I felt like I had control of my health back. My blood pressure has stabilized!

“Every individual with kidney disease is so unique in their nutritional needs since many of us have more than one issue. There are so many ideas and misconceptions floating around all the forums that everyone with kidney disease should eat a certain way, limit certain foods, take certain supplements, limit exercise and the list goes on.

Jen helped me sort through all the information to come up with a plan that worked for me and my function level. She helped me get over the fear of eating certain foods, and helped me realize the importance of what to eat in order to maintain the healthiest whole body function.

“Working with Jen has helped to alleviate the fear that is associated with kidney disease and has helped me gain back more control of my life in the process.”

– Mary S., Arizona

“We came to Jen for my husband, desperate to find a source of help in diet to help him in keeping his kidney function. Before working with Jen, I felt so scared and stressed, not sleeping, agonizing over the right diet for my husbands kidney function.

“After working with Jen, I felt so reassured and confident to try the ideas she suggests and finds. Knowing we can reach out to her for answers! Jen responds immediately to questions.

“Jen calms us; me especially! I worry so much and stress about my husband’s health. The calm way she guides and suggests foods to enjoy, while still complying with his blood work and keep us living as normally as we can is amazing.

“The menu plans and recipes are so helpful and gives us something new to try- you know will be the right choice with Jen ‘s guidance. The vitamins and probiotics she recommends are a plus!

“My husband’s potassium levels came down. Labs are holding and we are hoping to stay off dialysis for as long as possible!

“It’s amazing we are in NJ she’s in Hawaii! Knowing Jen’s in contact with his doctor and giving us the right and satisfying choices are priceless to our situation. It’s so scary to be here in this kidney battle but the sessions with Jen have been invaluable.

We would recommend her service to anyone. Jen’s degree of knowledge, friendliness, compassion and true caring are our anchors. Some people are meant to follow a path and Jen has found hers. To be working with her as a client is a true blessing. It makes all the difference to know you’ve found the right help!

“Do not wait! You can’t do this on your own and have safe, good results. Having a professional who understands it all is the RX you need.

“Jen has changed our lives, easing the terrible worry of ‘did I do something to harm his kidneys?’ It’s literally too much for the average person. After working with Jen we are different people, and I honestly do not want to be without her help.”

– Dot B., New Jersey

“I have stage 4 kidney disease and do not want to go on dialysis. I wanted to change my diet to prevent further damage.

“I wanted to know what I could and couldn’t eat. The meal plans were the most important part of the program. The video chats and the ability to text and email Jen were helpful too.

“By changing the way I eat, I lowered my weight by over 30 pounds, increased my GFR from 21 to 26, and my A1c decreased from 8.9% to 6.5%!

“Jen has a passion for sharing her knowledge and is a pleasure to work with. My whole family has learned from her. Talk to a dietitian about what kinds of foods to eat for your particular ailment.”

– Walter O., Hawaii

“I was feeling tired and very unhealthy. I needed to get my blood pressure and weight under control. I was getting frustrated with trying to find snacks and meals that would fit in to both a diabetic and kidney disease plan. I was so frustrated that I was skipping meals and snacks.

“One of the most helpful tools was the meal plans. When Jen gave me custom meal plans it was great all I had to do was follow it. I always knew what I was going to make. It also saved me money on groceries.

“Jen’s food journals also helped in that I did not have to write anything down. All it took was a quick picture and that was it. And every time I had questions or concerns Jen was there. She is easy to get a hold of and willing to work with you no matter what.

“Your diet is very important and in the long run what you eat today can drastically affect your health tomorrow. Do not do it on your own. You need someone with the knowledge and passion to help you through it because it can get frustrating. The nice thing is you go from thinking there is nothing you can eat to realizing you can eat and all kinds of foods.

“Jen’s passion for my health meant a lot. She went above and beyond. You will learn about your diet and kidney disease, have support and gain better health.”

– Mary, Arizona

“Prior to working with Jen, I had a really hard time trying to understand all the components of nutrition. My main goal was to learn the foundation of nutrition so that I would have a better understanding of the everything I put in my body.

“Jen was so helpful and such a great teacher. She is very patient, empathetic, and very knowledgeable. Jen took time to explain everything to me and broke it down in a way that is so easy to understand and follow.

“I learned a lot from her. We talked about a lot about mindfulness eating, how feelings actually affect your hunger cues, which sounds like common sense but it’s so much harder to spot and SO HELPFUL once you realized that you’re not actually paying attention to what and when you eat. Jen was very responsive and flexible with her schedule, which I really appreciated given my busy schedule.

“I enjoyed all our sessions together and would say that I have achieved my initial goal in working with a registered dietitian. It’s super convenient doing Telehealth because you don’t have to worry about traffic or commute time! I would definitely recommend Jen for anyone who looking to learn about their own nutrition or just nutrition in general.”

– Christina H., Hawaii

“I was 250lbs and unhappy with my weight. My doctor informed me I’m at the stage that I could begin diabetes medication. This all made me very down emotionally. I knew that I generally cooked good meals, but often ate too large portion sizes. I knew something had to change, but didn’t know what.

“By making small, realistic and sustainable changes to my diet and habits, I have been able to lose 25lbs and feel a lot happier. Jen didn’t tell me to simply cut out anything, or to make a grand adjustment.

“This is what has helped me the most – a plan I can stick to. She also was able to probe, through questioning, what I really like to eat, especially in the mornings. Since I would previously always skip breakfasts, and ‘make up for it’ by eating much more later in the day. Jen has got me back into having and enjoying a good breakfast, which kick-starts my day.

“Definitely give it a try with Jen. She has really helped me, and contributed to a happier and healthier lifestyle. You don’t need to be ‘promising’ anything to Jen. Only commit to what you think you can achieve.”

– Richard H., Hawaii

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