Healthy living essentials

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Cooking Tools

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know I love my Instant Pot! Great way to batch-cook rice, proteins, veggie, soups,… I could really go on forever about this! Acts as a pressure cooker and slow cooker but can also saute foods (great for adding flavor without extra dishes)! Or sear your protein before setting it to slow- or pressure-cook for added flavor and moisture.


I love getting creative with my spiralizer! This one comes with different cuts, making it FUN to include a variety of fruits and veggies into your diet.


This is great to let soups simmer, or cook a bunch of delish chicken or beef and transfer between the stove and oven. Plus, it’s so pretty! Makes for a great housewarming gift.

A cast iron pan can not only last a lifetime, but can help provide extra iron in your diet when the food absorbs some directly from the pan! The more it’s used, the better it gets.

Keep it foreverrr with good care. I love that I can start something on the stove top and transfer directly to the oven without switching to another dish!


My Food Saver is actually a LIFE saver! I buy some products in bulk and use this bad boy to break them down and safely freeze it for later. It helps prevent freezer burn and saves space all at the same time!

These meal prep containers are super handy to use for your week! I love that they’re one compartment- great for salads, burrito bowls, scrambles, or whatever good stuff you’re making for the week!


This is the blender I use to make smoothies, puree soups, and emulsify sauces. I LOVE that it has the blender cups you can add your ingredients in, blend, and go! If you have busy mornings (or evenings), this is a must-have for your kitchen!

Food Favorites

Most baking powders are primarily made from phosphates. (If you don’t know the dangers of too much phosphorus in your diet, check out my blog posts all about it!) Here are a couple without phosphorus.

Renadyl is a studied probiotic specifically helpful for kidneys. NOTE: please discuss starting this or any other medication or supplement with your physician and dietitian prior to starting.

Looking for safe and effective supplements to support your health goals? Supplements aren't always necessary or recommended, but they may be helpful if you're looking to lose weight, if you have been told by your physician you have a nutrient deficiency, or you have dietary restrictions or preferences limit intake of nutrients. If you want to know what supplements you should be taking, book a session with me so we can review your personalized needs.

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Nutrition Partners

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