Does this sound like you…

“I just learned I have kidney disease. I don’t know where to begin!”

“My doctor keeps telling me to stop eating my favorite foods. So what am I supposed to eat?”

“My mom just got diagnosed with end stage kidney disease and now she’s on dialysis. How do I prevent that from happening to me?”

“I need to balance diabetes and kidney disease, but am I just supposed to eat salads?!”

If you are looking for support in understanding your health and nutrition needs, let’s work together!


Initial Consultation (60-90 minutes)

Prior to our first session, you will be invited to join your client portal. You will gain access to a private Food Journal and Lifestyle Journal - both free to use while we work together.

Medical Nutrition Therapy can be provided virtually by a Registered Dietitian

For our first video session together we will review:

  • Any medical history and concerns

  • Recent lab results

  • Food recall, likes and dislikes

  • Lifestyle habits

  • Your nutrition and health goals

  • Customized meal plans and membership (optional)

You will also receive at least one printable handout for you to keep and utilize for your actionable plan we create together.


Follow-up Sessions (30-45 minutes)

Virtual Nutrition Coaching Jen Hernandez RD

Receive ongoing support, education, and accountability while you work towards your goals with follow-up sessions. With each session we will review:

  • What didn’t work

  • What did work

  • New labs or condition changes

  • Next steps and new goal setting

  • Updating meal plans (optional)

Sessions are available as frequently as weekly or up to 4 weeks apart, but are strongly recommended.


Discounts available for packages - ask me for details.

If your insurance needs referral from your physician to work with a specialist, use this referral form book your free session to discuss how we can work together.


Take control of your health today!