Does this sound familiar…

“I just found out I have kidney disease. I don’t know where to begin!”

“My doctor told me to stop eating my favorite foods. So what am I supposed to eat?”


“My mom just got diagnosed with end stage kidney disease and now she’s on dialysis. What can I do for her? How do I prevent that from happening to me?

Stop the stress and frustration with figuring out what to eat for your kidney health. Let’s work together to get you on the right plan for your body.

Learn tips and tricks for a kidney-friendly diet and lifestyle. We’ll review your labs and talk about how you can make changes to reach your sodium, phosphorus, potassium, and fluid goals.

Packages with discounts are available for those paying out-of-pocket. If using insurance, sessions are available on an individual basis.

Interested in discussing your options first? Schedule a free consultation to see if we should work together.

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